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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Expert Doctors provide Fit To Fly PCR Test Certificate?2021-04-09T21:09:54+01:00

We provide COVID-19 RT-PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing using either the swab or the saliva test method. This testing will determine whether you were actively positive or negative for SARS-CoV-2 at the time of testing.

How do I book an appointment?2021-04-09T21:19:23+01:00

Please call us on 0333 050 7138
During periods of high traffic, the booking portal can take some time to load. Your patience is appreciated.

How do I get my results?2021-04-09T21:12:03+01:00

PCR Certificate will be sent by email an image will be sent by whatsapp. Customer can also request a paper copy of the Certificate.

How long will it take to process my results?2021-04-09T21:12:47+01:00

Results are generally returned within 24hours from the time the sample is received by the lab.
Expert Doctor also has a priority service and can provide certificate same day if test can done by 4pm.

How much do the tests cost?2021-04-09T21:13:18+01:00

In-clinic Covid-19 RT-PCR tests 24hours: £130 Same Day £150
Mobile Testing Covid-19 RT-PCR tests: From £150
Antibody tests: £95

Can I include my passport number in my results certificate?2021-04-09T21:14:01+01:00

Clinic: Yes – please ensure you ask the receptionist filling out your registration form to include this information.
Home testing: Yes – please add your passport number in the relevant field when registering online.

Can you test children?2021-04-09T21:14:56+01:00

Our PCR swab tests are only suitable for anyone 6 months old or older. If using a home testing kit, we advise only swabbing the sides of the cheeks for babies and toddlers.
Our PCR saliva tests require a significant amount of saliva to be produced. It is up to the parent/caregivers’ judgement as to whether this is appropriate for their child.

Whether your child actually requires the testing is something you would need to query with your airline or the embassy for your travel destination.
Anyone under 18 testing must have a parent or guardian present when visiting our clinics.

I have symptoms and therefore can not come into clinic. What are my options?2021-04-09T21:16:23+01:00

Expert Doctors will post PCR Test kits to your home address. We also offer a live video call to guide you through your test. PCR Kits will need to posted back to our lab with a prepaid envelope through royal mail home collection service.

Expert Doctors CAN NOT under any circumstances test symptomatic patients or patients that have been in contact with someone tested positive of the virus before the 2 weeks quarantine period.

This is due to government guidelines and is to keep our staff and the general public as safe as possible. If you are symptomatic, you can order a home test kit through our website. If you do seek immediate medical advice regarding COVID-19 please contact 111 or your local GP via the telephone.

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