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Dear customer,  

Thank you for booking your Covid Test with Expert Doctors. We are a team who strives for excellence and ensures you have all the necessary information required to complete your test with ease.  

Once you have booked your test, we will dispatch your kit to your UK delivery address.  

Please take your swab on the given day (Day 2 or day 5 or day 8). Please use NHS guidance to take swab sample:  Please use the QR Code to direct you to the link above. 

Once you have completed your swab, please post it in the pre-addressed enclosed envelope to the laboratory. The expert team will email you with results. Please ensure you check your junk folders.  

The result will be processed by the laboratory up to 48 hours of receiving the sample. We have unprecedented demand within the UK, please be patient with the laboratory.  

  • Step 1. Book your Test Online

  • Step 2.  Receive Covid test in the Post 

  • Step 3. Take your swab on the given day (Day 2 or day 5 or day 8)

  • Step 4. Send swab sample to laboratory

  • Step 5 Activate your kit y clicking on the link 

    You will need your PIN number for each serial number. This will be sent as an email 

  • Step 5Receive results