Google Reviews (June 2021)

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1 Day service has been done on bank holiday weekend. Thanks so much for you greAt, hassle free service in such a hard for us time!!!

Aleksandrs Kucko, Expert Doctors Customer
Really good Service and pleasant atmosphere, I highly recommend getting your PCR test done their
Keno Boucher, Expert Doctor Customer

A very quick and efficient service.

Paul Hentze, Expert Doctors Customer

Very good service, kits came on time and there communication was spot on through out. Highly recommend if you need any tests.

MR, Expert Doctors Customer

Excellent after having a huge mess about with another company if it wasn't for this service I would not have been going on my trip.

Null, Expert Doctors Customer

Amazing service, quick, reliable and very friendly.  Got the test done and the protocols and the email arrived within a few hours.

Adam, Expert Doctors Customer

Absolutely on point in every way with there pcr fit to fly test....Results were back in less than the time I had been given, test taken at 11am results back by 7pm same day

Lisa Green, Expert Doctors Customer